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The AbleGamers Holiday Fundraiser!

If you support one charity this holiday season, make it the AbleGamers!

Together, we’ll bring a little more cheer to gamers with disabilities during the holiday season and beyond.

Join the AbleGamers Holiday Fundraiser December 1st – 4th!

Thanks to incredible supporters like you, the AbleGamers Peer Counseling team has helped more disabled players than ever before! With hundreds of people receiving their equipment, they can now get back to what they love doing, like this Xbox player we helped in Canada who’s scheduling game nights with friends again and told us “The winter doesn’t look as gloomy as it did last year.

Now, we’re turning to you once again for your support. With your help, we can continue providing customized gaming setups, adaptive technologies, and essential assistive resources. Together, we can ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, experience the joy of gaming.

Let’s start December by celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities and then we’ll kick off the holiday season by playing games and fundraising to support AbleGamers’ efforts to assist disabled gamers in your communities!

Do you a believe in the power of video games to bring people together, to create moments of joy and connection?

Leverage your shared passion for gaming and be a champion for countless individuals who dream of playing without limitations.

Some helpful info to share with your community, clan, guild, friends and family!

Our mission is crystal clear: to enable play to combat social isolation, nurture inclusive communities, and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.

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$10 Helps provide essential equipment that makes gaming more accessible to players with disabilities.

$25 Supports the AbleGamers Peer Counseling program that equips players with disabilities with life-changing tools and support.

$50 Contributes to advancing research and advocacy for accessible gaming.

$100 Supports adaptive gaming programs, accessible gaming nights and inclusive partnered events.

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$250 Significantly impacts the mission to break down barriers and create an inclusive gaming landscape.

$500 Sends a powerful message of acceptance, inspiring positive change in the gaming industry.

$1,000 Donation represents a profound commitment to making the world a better place for players with disabilities. Your generosity leads the charge in fostering an inclusive and accessible future for gamers worldwide.

Spread the Word, Share Inspiring Stories!

AbleGamers helps players with disabilities get in the game and participate in the video game worlds we all love. We do a lot, but here are 3 great examples.

Peer Support: AbleGamers’ Peer Counseling team consists of players with disabilities and occupational professionals who work one-on-one with players with disabilities to help find the most accessible and comfortable gaming setup for each individual. Then, whether the solution is a retail product or made from scratch in our research laboratory, the controllers are provided to the player free of cost thanks to wonderful donors like you.

The Powered by AbleGamers Program is a full community effort that not only provides our partner hospitals with the assistive tech and gaming hardware, but also provide training for staff to ensure that players can keep gaming when they go home and during AbleGamers community game nights.

Developer Support: AbleGamers works alongside game developers to help ensure that players with disabilities are able to enjoy the same video games as everyone else.  Accessible Player Experience  (APX) is the resource created by AbleGamers and the input of over 500 players with disabilities to help developers make accessible games by teaching developers the challenges of playing with a disability and then getting out of the way to let developers do what they do best, create games.  Check out

Here’s a few videos to check out and share!


the AbleGamers controller logo with text that says 'holidays' and an oval background