Dylan W

Dylan W a dark haired guy with glasses. His quadstick, a controller you use your mouth, is in front of him.

Dylan is a 25-year-old from Middleton, Indiana. He was a non-emergent EMT and on his way to work one day, he was struck by a tractor-trailer who fled the scene of the accident. Dylan’s Honda Civic was crushed and the accident left Dylan with a C1 Spinal Cord injury with only facial and mouth movement. He cannot move his legs, arms, or shoulders.  

The Shepherd Center, a partner of AbleGamers who facilitated his care, reached out to see if there were any options for Dylan to get back into gaming. After some peer counseling sessions, AbleGamers was able to provide Dylan with a Quadstick and a mounting kit for it.  

Since getting set up and getting past the difficult learning curve of the equipment, Dylan has been able to play civilization games and NBA2k with his old gaming friends. He says it gives him a sense of normalcy to his prior life before being injured.  

“It’s really wonderful that AbleGamers Charity exists to help people with varying degrees of ability to be able to come together to play games. It’s a boost of confidence to be able to have a sense of normalcy in a new strange world of living with a sudden disability. By supporting this wonderful charity you are doing more than just giving people the ability to play games you’re improving quality of life,” Dylan said.  

It is fantastic to have been part of Dylan’s quest to game and to see him overcome immensely tough obstacles to get back to a hobby that he and his friend’s cherish.  

Your support made this smile possible.

AbleGamers Peer Councilors and all of our Powered by AbleGamers Partners work one-on-one with each and every person. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a tailored experience to enable joy in someone’s life. Donate today to help us continue enabling play for people with disabilities.