Are you a gamer with disabilities?
Do you want to help shape the accessibility of the games industry?
Apply today!

Announcing an exciting new initiative: AbleGamers Player Panel – AbleGamers is partnering with the top publishers, AAA and indie game companies and leading researchers to ensure game accessibility is at the forefront of game development. We’ve created a platform for the voices of gamers with disabilities who need these in-game features.

How will this work?

Gamers with disabilities will fill out the form below and become part of our team of players with firsthand knowledge of game accessibility. After all, who knows better if game accessibility is needed than the players who need features.

Working with the University of York, AbleGamers has put together a program to quickly build panels of players to work with game companies and researchers as accessibility testers. Your only qualification needs to be that you love video games and have some form of disability.

Is there payment involved?

We vet every game company and researcher that comes to us asking for the information of our players. We will always do our best to make sure that you are compensated for your time and expertise.

If you are interested in being a part of these panels, complete the form below as accurately as you can and we’ll be in touch with the next steps.

No one will have access to this information but people from the AbleGamers team. We will never willingly share your information without permission with anyone outside of our charity.

Every year we have countless calls for help from universities, game companies, and other organizations, asking us to provide the names and contact information of people with disabilities. Sometimes, it’s about testing games; other times it is about seeing if a new way of doing things helps make things more inclusive.

We felt it was crucial to create a program that would protect players while enabling a database of accessibility testers to be created who WANT to be involved and contacted. We’re aiming to make the largest group of people who want to help shape the future of game accessibility ever created.

The only requirement is to have some sort of disability and love video games. You can apply from anywhere around the world. All ages approved.

Will you join us?