Our Ambassadors

A young woman sitting in a gaming chair wearing headphones cheering with her hand in the air
Causation woman with short, stylish red-pink hair, bright red lips and blue eyes, head cocked to the side searing a dark jacket with a brilliant purple background.



CamillaPanda is a full-time esports caster and content creator on Twitch and YouTube. Camilla’s content focuses on various games ranging from Baldur’s Gate 3 to No Man’s Sky, cosplaying, and fundraising for charities. Additionally, she is the current host of 1000 Dreams Funds Dream Stream. She advocates for inclusive gaming and esports for everyone while empowering others to make a positive difference for others every day. Outside of content creation, she volunteers her time at robotics competitions while working to get into a Ph.D. program in psychology.

Asian man looking off to the left, dark long hair, that transitions to blond at the ends half covering his face. He wares a black T with Girbeagly in flowing script in white.



Brian Long, aka Girbeagly, is a content creator and voice actor from Rochester, NY. He is known for his charity streams, positive community, and unique content creation using his energy and voice-acting skills. With over a decade of content creation Brian has made a major impact in the charity gaming spaces as well as being a positive force for the Twitch community as a whole.

A Salvadorian and Black streamer, with dark curly hair, wearing a black hoodie and jeans.



NIXSTAH is a Salvadorian and Black streamer in the competitive FPS space, most known for his work within CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE. He has an audience of 2.2 million+ TikTok followers, 200K on Twitch, and is considered to be a top 20 English-language CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE streamer. He rose to fame by sharing his competitive WARZONE clips and garnering the attention of well-known streamers such as MYTH, FAZE SWAGG, DR. DISRESPECT and NINJA.

His brand partnerships include deals with TikTok, Nestle, Activision, Freshcut, and Epic Games/Fortnite, among others, is a current Nesquik Ambassador, and works with the NBA team The Phoenix Suns. He will serve as an AbleGamers Ambassador, dedicating his efforts and time to raise money, visibility, and support for the organization. He is based in Los Angeles, CA, and a Twitch Partner.

Causation man with glasses, looking sideways into the camera, glasses and gray shirt.



Bob “Muyskerm” Muyskens is a content creator and podcaster from Cincinnati, Ohio. Bob is known for gaming videos on YouTube and Twitch. He is also 1/3rd of the Spotify-exclusive podcast Distractable, where he and his cohosts cover everything from video games to parenthood. Bob is well known for his charitable efforts and for uplifting the community of Bobbleheads.

caucation man with a beard. Looking at the camera, wearing a black shirt and baseball hat that says Twitch Partner on it.



Smirky (He/Him) is a 5-Year Twitch Partner, a decade-plus-long LGBTQIA+ variety gaming streamer, and one of 10 new Twitch Ambassadors from North America in 2023. From his engaging Toontown videos and livestreams to his outgoing and positive attitude, Smirky has taken his love for online gaming as a whole to the next level. He has helped fundraise over $120,000 across various charities—including fundraising for AbleGamers’ SpawnTogether 2023. Smirky has spoken on multiple industry panels surrounding the rise of charity streaming and content creation, and he has traveled to events across the U.S. and internationally as a Jackbox Games Ambassador to host fun-filled gaming sessions for everyone to enjoy. At the core of his content, Smirky is always actively working hard to cultivate a safe and welcoming community, uplift marginalized voices and creatives, inspire others to be inspiring, and help showcase that Gaming Does Good!