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A photo of Christopher

The joy and benefits of gaming.

Christopher shared that he missed gaming and wanted to start playing again. β€œI miss playing and I really want to get back into gaming. I loved playing online games with other people.”

Through The Center for Assistive Technology, a collaboration between UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh, Christopher found his way to AbleGamers. During his time at UPMC, he had the opportunity to try virtual reality (VR) and had a blast playing the games. He hoped that AbleGamers could help him get his own VR system so he could continue gaming at home.

With the help of his Peer Counselor, Aaron, Christopher received a Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality System and a pair of Active Hands to help him grip the controllers. With his new gaming setup and support from peer counseling, he was ready to conquer the virtual landscape and start connecting with friends again. His new VR setup even helps him with his therapy, providing a good workout for his shoulders and arms.

Christopher not only regained access to something he loved but also discovered a newfound sense of joy and empowerment. His experience underscores the importance of inclusivity in gaming and serves as a reminder that with the right resources and assistance, everyone can experience the joy and benefits of gaming.

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