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The Quadstick is the most powerful controller for players with quadriplegia, enabling them to play across multiple platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. Taking to the battlefield on a first-person shooter, raiding a dungeon in an MMORPG, or shooting that basket in NBA 2K are all easy tasks for an experienced Quadstick user. 

What is a Quadstick?

The Quadstick is a hands-free controller operated solely using the mouth. It allows you to customize your gameplay style by translating the actions (buttons, triggers, and joystick movements) on a standard videogame controller to a series of sip and puff switches that are attached to the end of a joystick. This is done by creating a “Game Profile” that you download onto the Quadstick using included software.  

A closeup of the Quadstick. There are three sip n puff holes, a sip n puff straw, and a lip switch.

The Quadstick can also imitate the functions of either analog stick on a standard video game controller through its sip and puff activations and latching (Latching is the ability to perform a button hold without holding a button) capabilities. 

The Quadstick really stands out in its ability to combine multiple controller inputs with a single sip or puff of one of the sip and puff switches. 

Example: If a game has an action that uses the A button and the Right Trigger on an Xbox Controller at the same time, those two actions could be controlled by a single sip or puff. 

This can be done for any number of inputs and saved as profiles for specific games, so you can easily switch controls based on what you’re playing.    

You also don’t need to limit yourself to the switches built into the Quadstick. The Quadstick comes with input jacks for switches and joysticks that you can plug into the Quadstick and use alongside the controller. 

Is the Quadstick Right For Me?

While the Quadstick is an extremely powerful videogame controller, it does require a lot of learning to master and use. As the Quadstick user, you will be responsible for mapping the actions of each game to the different switches available on the Quadstick and any extras that you connect. This will require knowledge of the Quadstick controller itself, the controls on a standard controller, and the mechanics of the games that you want to play.  

We know it might sound intimidating, but don’t let the Quadstick’s complexity stand in your way. There is an incredible community that talks about all things relating to the Quadstick in an online forum. Players ask for help troubleshooting and sharing game profiles for the different games they’ve played. The community will always be there to help you out with any issues you might face. 

There are two variants of the Quadstick used in gaming, the Quadstick FPS and the Quadstick Original: 

Quadstick FPS:

A closeup of the Quadstick FPS. There are three sip n puff holes, a sip n puff straw, and a lip switch.

The FPS is the most expensive option and includes an extra responsive joystick, four sip/puff pressure sensors, and a lip position sensor. 

Quadstick Original:

A closeup of the Quadstick Original. There are three sip n puff holes, a sip n puff straw, and a lip switch.

The Original has the same software and sensors as the FPS but uses low budget hardware for a cheaper cost.


There are multiple mounting options for the Quadstick, but for optimal flexibility, we suggest using the Magic Arm Mounting Kit offered by Quadstick:

A long, black, flexible mount attached to a Quadstick.

This mounting kit can attach or clamp to many different places. Great for mounting to a wheelchair or table. 


Quadstick’s are capable of functioning across many platforms, but unfortunately it only plays natively with the PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. Any other platforms will require an adapter. Adapters are also needed for external connections such as extra joysticks, trackball mouse, eye gaze hardware, etc.

Brookman Wingman XB

A USB stick leaning on the box that it comes in.

A simple adapter that allows you to pair the Quadstick with an Xbox.

(We have not tested Xbox Series X|S support)

Cronus Zen

The packaging box of a Cronus Zen.

An more complex adapter that allows you to pair the Quadstick with most consoles. This adapter also allows you to use additional controllers or inputs with your console.

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