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You have the power to make a difference. You have the opportunity to help more people access the life-enriching power of play.

Thank you for hosting a fundraising event in support of The AbleGamers Charity.  We can’t continue the work we do without the support from people like you and your community.

We’ve gathered a few quick facts about our mission to help you during your fundraising event.

The funds raised by you and your community will directly support these programs, initiatives, and more!

Peer Counseling

Our Peer Counseling team consists of players with disabilities and occupational professionals who work together to find the best solutions to enable play. Because figuring out the right gaming setup for people with disabilities can be time-consuming, they spend as much time as necessary. Peer counseling sessions are a starting point for granting the hardware, custom controllers, specialized equipment and technologies.

Assistive technology and equipment cost an average of $350 to $2,000 per person.

Click HERE to see some examples of the controllers AbleGamers grants to people with disabilities:

AbleGamers Peer Counselor working with a young man who is using a wheelchair to find the right set up to game. Support peer counseling, host a fundraiser!
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Powered by AbleGamers

AbleGamers partners with organizations, including hospitals and rehabilitation centers to reach more people with disabilities and provide them with a nearby location to assist in setup to enter the world of gaming. Partner organizations are powered by AbleGamers through initial and ongoing support and training for staff.

With your help, we will increase the size and frequency of our partnerships to reach as many people as possible.

Community & Inclusion

Community and Inclusion programs ensure that people with disabilities are included in the broader gaming community. We work with players, companies, conventions, and events to provide representation and access for people with disabilities. Exposing and integrating people with disabilities into the gaming community breaks stereotypes about disabilities. It also demonstrates the power of connection, inclusion, and accessibility.

a young woman looking at several different adaptive controllers, switches and buttons. Support community and Inclusion, host a fundraiser
AbleGamers No Pull No Lift Controller. Support engineering efforts, host a fundraiser

Engineering Research

At times, Peer Counselors encounter barriers to play. Because sometimes current technology is too inflexible or expensive to enable play. In other cases, the technology simply does not exist to address the needs, so they miss out on the experience of playing and connecting with friends and family.

The AbleGamers Engineering Research program prototypes and creates new controllers and devices, offering unique customized solutions for our players.

DPAD Initiative

The DPAD Initiative focuses on granting marginalized developers, free access to the Accessible Player Experience Practitioner (APXP) Course. Developed and delivered by the AbleGamers Charity. Thanks to your support we train dozens of initiates each year.  Hopefully, the dynamics of inequality and under-representation in this space will begin to shift.

a young woman sitting at a desk facing three computer screens. On the computer screens are the AbleGamers apx course information. Support the DPAD Initiative, host a fundraiser

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