2 controllers

PlayStation 4

1. Go to Settings on the main Dashboard:

2. Click on  “Accessibility”

3. Scroll down to “Button Assignments” and select it

4. Click the checkbox to “Enable Custom Button Assignments

5. Click on “Customize Button Assignments”

6. Select the button you would like to change then select it on the right hand side.

7. Click confirm, now your controller will be remapped however you’d like it.

XBOX (for Elite or Standard Xbox One Controllers)

1. From your Dashboard screen press the guide button on the controller, select the cursor in the Settings Pop Up

2. Once selected click on “All Settings”
3. From the settings menu go all the way to the button and select “Ease of Access”
4. Select the “Button Mapping” option
5.Click Configure (Note your controller may look different if you are using the Elite controller)
6. Click “Button Mapping”

7. Select what button you’d like to remap and swap it with another With the Xbox One you can even swap the triggers, swap the sticks or invert the axis system wide..

(If you have the Elite controller you will see a lot more custom options, The Elite controller also features 4 option back buttons for extra Ease of Access and can be purchased for $150 from any gaming retailer)