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A photo of Glenn, he is wearing a red Milford Eagles shirt

Glenn just wanted to play video games with his friends.

So our Peer Counseling team got to work. Over the course of several weeks, AbleGamers Peer Counselor Zach and Glenn worked together, consulting with other peer counseling team members and trying several different adaptive devices and configurations. They encountered challenges along the journey that required creative solutions, but each setback wasn’t a roadblock; it fueled renewed determination and ingenuity. Zach and the team were able to create a custom gaming setup for Glenn that included gear such as the PlayStation Access Controller, a 3D printed thumb stick, a Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit, mounts, and more that would allow him to play video games with his friends again.

Now, Glenn joins his friends in the digital landscapes of Fortnite and the adrenaline-fueled arenas of Madden!

“Thank you so much!!! You have helped me play with my friends!” shared Glenn

You are so very welcome! It was our pleasure to accompany you on your quest to game! – AbleGamers

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