Hudson B

Husdon, a young man born with a limb difference looking at the camera with his new gaming laptop he just got.

Hudson is nine years old and was born with a limb difference. We connected with him and his family to customize his gaming setup to be more comfortable for his gaming needs. After going through our peer counseling process, we decided the best option for Hudson was a one-handed gaming mouse paired with a gaming laptop.

We were able to send him an HP gaming laptop and some additional hardware to kickstart his new gaming experience. During our chats with Hudson, he told us how much he loves playing Madden, NBA 2k and Fortnite so we also made sure to throw in some extra V-bucks for his next battle pass.
It was a privilege to help him get a setup that works better for his needs. Thanks to generous supporters and our friends at Alienware, Hudson is once again enjoying his favorite games with his friends and siblings.

Your support made this smile possible.

AbleGamers Peer Counselors and all of our Powered by AbleGamers Partners work one-on-one with each and every person. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a tailored experience to enable joy in someone’s life. Donate today to help us continue enabling play for people with disabilities.