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A photo of Isaiah he is wearing a purple hoodie and black headphones after working with AbleGamers to find the right adaptive gaming controller

Finding the right adaptive gaming controller setup is essential. Isaiah’s gaming setup wasn’t ideal. “His left hand tires easily because he has to strategically place the controller in a way where the fingers on his left hand can reach all the buttons. Honestly, it looks very uncomfortable, but he doesn’t complain,” said Isaiah’s mom. “He plays with his friends from school; it brings him so much joy. He has so much fun playing Fortnite in real-time with his peers—he has actual conversations, laughs, and tells jokes!” 

The Make-A-Wish Foundation connected Isaiah and his family to AbleGamers, where he worked one-on-one with one of our Peer Counselors to find the right adaptive gaming controller. “I love playing video games, but having weakness on one side makes it challenging to operate all the buttons functionally on the controller,” shared Isaiah.

“Aaron, my peer counselor, was super chill. In our meeting, he went over all my options for the different adaptive controllers. I mentioned to Aaron that I had purchased a modified Xbox controller many years ago. It was so hard to use that I just gave up. So, of course, I was excited when Aaron said he was going to mail me an Xbox adaptive gaming controller. Thanks, Aaron!”

After working with his Peer Counselor, Aaron, and receiving some new adaptive gaming equipment, Isaiah was ready to play Fortnite with his friends using a more comfortable gaming setup. “I’m not the best gamer, but using the adaptive controller has helped my game tremendously! I love going online, playing with classmates, and chatting away. My friends even noticed my gaming got better,” he shared.

Playing video games is a valuable social activity that helps reduce social isolation by connecting people across distances and diverse backgrounds. Through multiplayer games, online communities, and cooperative gameplay, individuals can interact, collaborate, and build friendships. These virtual interactions provide a sense of belonging and support, fostering meaningful connections that transcend physical barriers. By engaging in shared gaming experiences, players can combat loneliness and create a supportive social network, making video games a powerful tool for enhancing social well-being. Learn more about what we do, or help continue our crucial work by making a monetary donation or purchasing something from our shop!

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