AbleGamers welcomes Roger Brooks to the team.

Photo of Roger Brooks. He is wearing a maroon fleece jacket with navy blue collar over a light blue dress shirt and navy and silver striped tie. He is standing in front of a wooden fence that is covered in leafy green vines.

We are so excited that AbleGamers continues to grow to meet the increasing demand for our programs and services. We have hired Roger Brooks as our Director of Mental Health as part of our Peer Counseling Team.

Roger is a mental health professional and researcher. He has held leadership roles in non-profit and mental health organizations. His primary focus was on innovation and integration in mental health and overseeing clinical and supportive services. Research has correlated social isolation with mental health, to include emotional, psychological, and social well-being. That impact may be amplified by challenges present with visible and invisible disabilities. I am excited to explore the impact of holistic well-being by removing or reducing social isolation Roger received his graduate degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Notre Dame.

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