AbleGamers Teams Up With Mountain Dew For A Day Of Streaming, Fundraising, and Apex Legends

AbleGamers teamed up with Mountain Dew to host a day of streaming Apex Legends featuring star streamers of the Apex Legends community as well as surprise sports streamers, raising over $64,000 for AbleGamers. The streamers were featured on their own channels, through AbleGamers’ main Twitch channel, as well as being hosted to the front page of Twitch throughout the day. The full list of streamers can be found at their Tiltify team page with the streams archived on their specific channels.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to work with the MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL team to raise awareness for players with disabilities, as both organizations believe in fostering inclusive communities,” says AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn. “I love that PepsiCo approached us with the idea of using its tremendous platform to help further our mission of creating opportunities to enable play, and improve the quality of life, for people with disabilities.”

“Since the inception of MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL, our commitment has been to stay focused on the needs of all gamers and to bring value to the in-game experience. This commitment extends beyond the beverage, and into pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of gameplay,” said Erin Chin, Senior Director of Marketing, Mountain Dew. “So when we met the team at The AbleGamers Charity, we were excited to join them in support of their cause to champion the power of doing by making gaming a possibility for everyone, no matter the obstacles in the way.”

With this event, AbleGamers will be able to continue the work to bring gaming to even more people, provide grants for many people who couldn’t afford the technology, and also allow them to reach out to more developers to make sure developers are as accessible as possible in their own games. AbleGamers thanks Mountain Dew for the amazing fundraiser! For more information on how to hold your own fundraiser with your friends and community to help out our case, please check out the AbleGamers Fundraiser Page.

Brian Conklin is Editor-in-Chief of AbleGamers, having nearly double digit years spent with the charity. When he’s not helping developers make their game more accessible or writing for AG, he spends his time gaming, hiking, biking, and Pokemon Go-ing (which is really just all of those put together). You can find more from Brian at his Twitter account, streaming for AbleGamers every Tuesday, streaming on his own Twitch channel once every few months, or his persistent art project on Instagram.