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ARKitect’s Playground Launch Celebration Event!

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Tune in on Saturday, July 22nd, as our friends at ARKitects Official gaming community unveil and launch their latest thrilling science creation; “The ARKitects’ Playground!”

The Playground is a server-sized Amusement Park built within the sandbox survival world of ARK: Survival Evolved, boasting mini-games, mazes, escape rooms, paintball matches, racetracks, reimagined arcade and board game favorites, and more! Best of all, their Grand-Opening event is also pulling double-duty as a fundraiser supporting our mission here at AbleGamers, allowing us to continue our work supporting players with disabilities. An impressive lineup of special guests, modders, and content creators (both prominent and emerging) are coming together to support ARKitects and AbleGamers with multiple live streams, fantastic giveaways, and even some AbleGamers Swag!

ARKitects Official has already made a name for themselves as a welcoming charity-driven community of gamers, creatives, and content creators, centered around inclusive gaming. Since their fundraising efforts began last November, ARKitects Official has raised over $10,000 for various charities, including nearly $4,500 for AbleGamers! Thanks to their sponsorship with Nitrado gaming servers, and relationships built with the Gaia and Gaia 2 teams, ARKitects Official are able to offer several Steam and Xbox gaming servers for ARK: Survival Evolved, (as well as other games such as Valhiem, Icarus, ARK: Survival of the Fittest) and are well prepared for the upcoming release of ARK: Survival Ascended and eventually ARK 2! With the launch of the Playground, there will now also be a collaborative space to share with other ARK clusters and communities, where anyone from any community who is inspired to build or conduct an event in this shared-space is welcome to do so!

The ARKitects’ Playground Grand-Opening Event and Fundraiser will run from Noon to 3pm Eastern Time, 9am to Noon Pacific Time. Join our own Program Administrator Vincent Santore (Vinny) along with streamers Aaron Longstaff (YouTuber), FirePumpkin (ARKitects Official CEO & YouTuber), Becsters (Nitrado Content Creator), and many more, as well as the brilliant modders Odin, RedDwarf, Gimilkhad, and iSpezz. Donors will have the chance to win fantastic merchandise and even private server rentals from Nitrado, ARKitects, and AbleGamers through a prize raffle! The day’s activities will be broadcast live on multiple channels and platforms, including:

Do you play ARK Survival and want to find out more about their community so you can participate in this event and future events? Be sure to follow:

If you’re interested in joining the ARKitects Official community Discord, and possibly volunteering as part of their crew or Production House, feel free to join their Discord community @ To make a donation, supporting AbleGamers during their event please visit the following link:

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