AbleGamers On (Almost) Every Continent!

What can I say? AbleGamers get around. If you didn’t already see it on Twitter, we shipped the controller setup for our first Peer Support case to Africa, meaning we’ve delivered support to every continent on Earth. Except Antarctica, FOR NOW!

(Source: Chait Goli via Pexels)

Gather around everyone, it’s story time from this article author. I first met AbleGamers at a PAX East more years ago than I’m comfortable admitting. I’m a gaming geek, and just a couple of years prior to meeting AbleGamers, I was a Special Olympics coach. Their message piqued my interest. By a strange pattern of happenstance, I would then keep encountering AbleGamers at various afterparties at these conferences, usually trying to put on a fundraising raffle with some goodies from some partners. Turns out doing so in a loud party environment isn’t ideal, but I had some experience in speaking over a crowd, so I assisted the effort. One thing lead to another, and here I am writing for the AbleGamers as their vocalist. Disclaimer: I’m actually just a volunteer contributor.

I’m sharing this story to build a perspective that people come into their experiences from different angles. There are all kinds of people that we meet, work with, and are able to lend support to in a variety of ways. It actually took me a couple of years to really understand what AbleGamers provided. In summary, this organization provides consultation and grants so everyone can game. There is an incredible amount of work and energy that goes into making that happen, though. Besides showing up to PAX, AbleGamers is working with streamers, engaging with various institutions, delivering supporter incentives, getting critically acclaimed for game developer education, and that’s just what’s been happening since the start of May!


(Source: AbleGamers Twitter)

We’re working together towards a common capture point despite being thousands of miles apart. We’re sailing the fictional high seas on the same boat, even if we’re in landlocked regions of our countries. AbleGamers is proud to be all over the world, helping make that world a fun, accessible, and game-filled place. Despite distance, culture, and hardships, it really is great to be a part of this truly global charity. I’m happy to help and even happier you are helping, too, so everyone can game!

Kevin is a games & tech industry marketing nerd with an affinity for duct tape and playing an orc in every game he can. You absolutely should @ him on Twitter @norumu.