Enabled Play


A black box with four usb slots and an ethernet port.

Enabled Play is a unique device that can use anything as an input. It allows you to use voice commands, facial expressions, head tilting, and more to control your game. It has the ability to remap other external inputs using its software, which includes an app for your smartphone or tablet.

How Does It Work?

The device itself is a small black box that includes 4 USB ports, an ethernet port, no-slip feet, and a built-in 30 ft range microphone. After the software is downloaded, it is connected by Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and uses the camera of that device to read your movements and translate it to actions. These actions are macros that the user configures themselves and can be changed by a couple taps in the app.

The app itself houses various profiles created by the user, bridges the connection between the camera and the Enabled Play, and is home to community driven profiles that have already been created by other users. The profiles can be configured with any number of inputs and saved to a specific game, so you can easily switch controls based on what you’re playing.

Is Enabled Play Right for Me?

As mentioned above, the user is responsible for mapping the movements that they wish to use, similar to a Quadstick. This will require knowledge of basic mechanics and functions within the games that you want to play, in order to know what will work best for you. This can be a tedious process of trial and error, but once you find a profile that you prefer, all you have to do is play.


It is suggested that you have a mount for your phone or tablet so that the camera can clearly see your face. The phone can also just be propped up, but this will require constant calibration each time you want to play. The Enabled Play device itself has two holes for various screw mounting and is the same size as most smartphones, so most phone mounts work for that as well. Another great mounting solution, as always when it comes to accessible equipment, is Velcro.

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