Logitech’s Increased Inclusion Through New Hardware Releases

Logitech G has recently launched two products with the idea of accessibility and continues to push the boundaries of improved gear and game integration in the world of gaming. AbleGamers and Logitech share similar goals to better the greater gaming experience through inclusion for gamers with accessibility needs.

In the beginning of December, Logitech G announced that their PIXEL pro wireless gaming mouse was available for purchase. All proceeds from its first two colors will benefit the charities AbleGamers, Abilities Research Center at Mount Sinai, and Special Effect that are dedicated in helping people with accessibility needs. The first color was released in Limited Edition pink which is currently sold out. We hope the pink will be back in stock, but if not, we highly anticipate the unveiling of its second Limited Edition color!

Their other product, the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit, is compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC). The kit makes it more accessible and cost effective for gamers to customize their gaming setup for their needs because of the different button/switch types that are included. Included in the kit are 4 light touch buttons, 2 variable triggers, 3 small buttons,  2 large buttons, and additional accessories like a gamepad and colored stickers to easily differentiate the buttons.

We are so excited to see companies coming together to improve everyone’s gaming experience. When companies make compatible devices that work with other products that are already out in the market, it creates more customization and helps with the accessibility of gaming.  Be sure to sign up on LogitechG.com to be notified of when the next drop will be.

Prin is a Senior Volunteer with AbleGamers. When she’s not gaming or spending time with her adorable and sweet pup Jäeger, she’s a black belt in martial arts thanks to her father, a Martial Arts Master. Watch her play games and see Jäeger on her Twitch Channel, or see photos of her sushi on her Twitter.