Thad, a young man wearing a blue shirt holding a controller in his hands.

Thad is a hardcore gamer born with no fingers on his right hand. His family calls his right arm his “Lucky fin.” Using his lucky fin, he enjoys a large variety of games such as Minecraft, Halo, Destiny, Overwatch, Roblox, and many more. Unfortunately, using standard controllers can be difficult for Thad, as there are a lot of buttons on the right-hand side of standard controllers, which generally need to be pressed swiftly and accurately.

Thad and his family contacted AbleGamers, and we supplied him with an Xbox One Elite Controller. This controller allows him to remap all the buttons on the controller to other buttons and includes four paddles on the back that can be assigned to any input. This changes the way Thad can play and helps him stay competitive and connected with his online friends. His father also says that the controller has helped them enjoy longer play sessions together.

“AbleGamers is EPIC and awesome and really, really cool,” according to Thad. We are proud to be EPIC and awesome and really, really cool, AND we’re proud to assist Thad in his quest to continue gaming!

Your support made this smile possible.

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