Quest to Game: Dylan

a photo taken from behind Dylan who is playing a baseball video game using a quadstick
Dylan’s Quest to Game

Dylan loves watching his sister and brother-in-law play Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox games. But, while Dylan loves watching his friends and family play video games, he wants to play with them. So, he contacted AbleGamers to find out how we could help get him in the game to allow him to be included and play with friends and family instead of just watching.

Dylan was limited to using only a mouth stick on a tablet. AbleGamers Sr. Peer Counselor Jesse assessed his accessibility barriers. Dylan and Jesse worked together to develop a personalized solution that would allow him to play and give him access to more games. After much consultation, they arrived at the Quadstick being the ideal solution.

Dylan practiced playing with his new equipment and improved quickly. And he can access many more games than he could before. Now, he is hitting home runs in his MLB game and playing with family and friends. We are so happy to have joined Dylan on his quest to game!

“We really appreciate all you have done to make this possible for Dylan.  He was just saying this morning how happy he was when he finally made a home run in his MLB game. This is a terrific program, and we are truly grateful for this grant. 
Blessings to you all.”

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