Craig H. Neilsen Foundation Supports AbleGamers Mission

Craig H Neilsen Foundation logo which is a tall rectangle with a large N at the top and text under that says Craig H Neilsen Foundation
three men playing video games together using several adaptive gaming devices a young woman who is an occupational therapist is watching photo provided by Ability KC a Powered by AbleGamers partner
Photo provided by Powered by AbleGamers partner, Ability KC

The AbleGamers Charity would like to thank the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation for its support of our mission to enable play.

What started with a young program called AbleGamers Expansion Packs has now leveled up to Powered by AbleGamers. Growing beyond just outfitting a hospital room for patients to escape the sometimes cold medical environment and providing a welcoming space to enjoy the gaming experience, we fully partner with hospitals to provide life-changing experiences.

Our wonderful friends at the Neilsen Foundation have granted us $100,000 a year for the next two years, enabling our team to work with players via our Peer Counselors to help people after spinal cord injuries. Thanks to their generous donation, players with disabilities will be able to enjoy gaming events to make each hospital visit a little more enjoyable. This also includes all of the wonderful games and peripherals provided by our gaming partners.

A frustrating but notable part of the hospital experience is the narrow focus on each patient’s medical well-being. Unfortunately, that means sometimes fun takes a back seat during the recovery process. By providing education to hospital staff, thanks to our incredible Powered by AbleGamers partners, we are reintroducing the component of fun to the healing process.

Recently, at one of our partner hospitals, a doctor shared that after simply introducing Powered by AbleGamers, his 15-year-old spinal cord injury patient smiled for the very first time in over a year. Now he has hope again. We want to replicate this at hospitals all across the nation and eventually the world. We achieve this goal with generous support from foundations like Neilsen and you.

Find out how you can support our mission to enable play HERE.