The Spirit of Giving: AbleGamers’ 2019 Efforts

A crest like logo showing off various gaming items including a controller that looks like a PS4 controller and a controller that resembles the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

As 2019 comes to an end, we celebrate this amazing year in accessibility. We’ve seen the continued progress for accessibility within the video game industry and it’s all because of you! You spoke up and voiced the need to invest time in improving the video games and adaptive controllers that we use to play. With your help, companies are starting to hear you and work alongside accessibility specialist and gamers with disabilities. New products like the Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC)  and Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit  wouldn’t have been created if it weren’t for the push from the gaming community.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Accessibility Panels at PAX, Gamescon, SXSW, and conferences alike have been making an impact as well. With these events we’re able to educate and share knowledge on a larger scale so people can begin to understand why accessibility is important, to open the discussion of why there’s a need for more options like subtitles, colorblind mode, and adaptive controllers. The full list of accessibility techniques is even longer, but those are just some examples to name a few.


It doesn’t stop there! Your favorite live streamer and gaming communities are pushing for more accessibility by holding fundraising events. Just look at the awesome work you all did during the special Unlocktober event! This one event brought over $132,000 in donations! That’s going to help fit your fellow gamers with custom controllers so they can get back into the game!


We are filled with joy as we look back on the generosity your support has provided, remembering when Jayden and his family reached out to us for some help. A fellow gamer who had suffered a spinal cord injury when he was 3 years old resulted in muscle weakness, damaged nerves and affected the mobility in his hands. After much consultation to see what adaptive equipment would work for him, we shipped out a fight stick controller called the Axis!


AbleGamers looks forward to helping even more gamers in 2020 with your help! We share the happiness in seeing the creative ways you bring in donations . Whether you’re doing your holiday shopping on Amazon , getting your very own AbleGamers apparel and pins , holding a fundraiser , or doing direct donations. Tremendous thanks all around!


Prin is a Senior Volunteer with AbleGamers. When she’s not gaming or spending time with her adorable and sweet pup Jäeger, she’s a black belt in martial arts thanks to her father, a Martial Arts Master. Watch her play games and see Jäeger on her Twitch Channel, or see photos of her sushi on her Twitter.