Why the Xbox Adaptive Controller Super Bowl Ad Meant So Much For AbleGamers


Did you see it?! The Xbox Adaptive Controller was featured in a Super Bowl LIII commercial thanks to our friends at Microsoft!

If you didn’t already know, the Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) developed in partnership with the Xbox Accessibility team, some of us at The AbleGamers Charity, some of our favorite gamers, and other organizations. It’s designed to get your needs connected and playable, with two programmable buttons, three custom profiles, nineteen 3.5mm input jacks, and two USB ports to support whatever your preferred inputs are for your games.

It’s not our first controller. It’s not even our first mass production controller. The Adroit by Evil Controllers has provided incredible customization options for years and was a great frame of reference the Xbox Accessibility Team to get their colleagues excited about making hardware.

Since its release, the XAC has been breaking all kinds of barriers, from the relatively low $100 USD price to availability at Microsoft Store locations. Oh, and a freaking SUPER BOWL commercial! We are so incredibly excited to get in front of the big stage and show what we can do when we’re all working together so everyone can game.

The commercial went on to be the talk of the town, being a favorite for Super Bowl commercial fans. It went on to be highlighted by publications like Business Insider, CNET, and Geek.com, where, incidentally, you can check out an interview with our own Steven Spohn on the controller’s development.

The response across news commentary and social media has been incredible. With shoutouts by people like Geoff Keighley and Cher for the commercial, the attention to our cause has been growing. Most importantly, though, it’s been your support, your attention, and your interest that’s been helping us drive this message along to make these incredible moments a reality.

The title and takeaway message for the commercial really brings it home: When everybody plays, we all win.