A Quest to Game: Walter F


Every Quest to Game campaign starts different, yet ends the same: with a happy gamer able to rejoin the gaming community.

When people think about the needs of veterans, rarely do they consider hobbies, a necessary form of entertainment and escape from the troubles of the real world. Walter is one of these cases. As a veteran with a neuromuscular challenge, his wants got pushed to the wayside to cater to his needs, which grew exponentially as his disability worsened. Walter loved playing games on his PlayStation, but with limited strength and dexterity, he had to put gaming on hold.

As time went on, Walter found that he didn’t feel complete without the ability to play his favorite game, Warframe. Walter reached out to AbleGamers and we set forth with Walter on his Quest to Game. Walter still has some function, but not enough for a standard controller, and he found that fine-tuning micromovements was the most difficult part. After much research and trial and error, Walter was presented with a few logical options, and he chose a QuadStick. To accommodate for Walter’s unique needs, a QuadStick was designed with an extra joystick for the PS4, and the triggers were made to be ultra-sensitive for even more ease of use.

Walter is now gaming again like he never had to stop, and he couldn’t be happier for the support from the team at QuadStick and AbleGamers. Here is what Walter had to say following his Quest to Game:

“I want to give a shout out to members of the QuadStick community. Fred Davison of quadstick.com is very informative and responsive with new QuadStick users and veterans alike. And finally, I would like to say thank you so very much for everything. AbleGamers has allowed me to return to gaming which is very important to me as entertainment and as a social outlet!”