AbleGamers @ GDEX 2018

GDEX 2018

AbleGamers debuted the most recent revolution in accessible controllers at the GDEX 2018 Expo, where we also presented an award for Most Accessible Game at the show.

A recurring presenter as well as a partner in GDEX, AbleGamers has attended all six past conventions and was happy to attend the latest event. AbleGamers had the pleasure to present a booth featuring the new Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller with two stations demoing Rocket League and two different button combinations achievable with the new controller. The new booth layout allowed visitors to try out the new device that they may have only seen online due to the controllers recent release on September 4th.

GDEX 2018
The AbleGamers booth at GDEX 2018

Alongside the chance for visitors to experience the new Xbox Adaptive Controller for themselves, AbleGamers staff were present to answer questions about the charity and work with developers on the show floor for some hands-on accessibility testing. While testing, AbleGamers determined a winner for the third Most Accessible Game of the show, presenting an award to a game featuring accessibility options and accessible gameplay playable at GDEX. This year, the game Stacks on Stacks (on Stacks) by Ian and Elie games won the award, taking place alongside past winners Collapsus by Wraith games and BOMBFEST by The Bombfest Team. Stacks on Stacks (on Stacks) featured multiple control options playable on the floor, full button remapping, high contrast display of objectives, and the ability to play without sound.

GDEX 2018
Testing out the Xbox Adaptive Controller at GDEX 2018

The team with AbleGamers also did a game night in partnership with Four String Brewery at the local “barcade” 16-Bit on Saturday night of the convention, bringing along the Xbox Adaptive Controller for thirsty weekend bar visitors.

The AbleGamers team always enjoys presenting at GDEX and bringing the full breadth of technology to the backyard of many AbleGamers staff, and look forward to going back to GDEX 2019.