AbleGamers Brazil & DXC Launch Video Game Tournament

AbleGamers Brazil & DXC Launch Video Game Tournament Rocket League background with green and goldcar along the bottom is the DXC Technology logo and the AbleGamers Charity logo

In partnership with AbleGamers, DXC launches a video game tournament to raise awareness of accessibility

The video game tournament started on May 16 and celebrates World Accessibility Awareness Day

AbleGamers Brazil & DXC Launch Video Game Tournament in order to raise awareness among its more than 7,000 employees in Latin America about the importance of accessibility, IT giant DXC Technology launched the LATAM Accessibility Awareness Tournament. The indoor tournament will start on the 16th of May and celebrates World Accessibility Awareness Day, which takes place this year on the 19th of the same month. The action will take place in partnership with AbleGamers Brasil, an NGO that fights social isolation through fun, making video games more accessible, allowing the sharing of experiences, creating bonds, and thus improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. “The idea of ​​the tournament with AbleGamers was born from the need to think about the inclusion of PcDs as something even more present in DXC. We have a young representation in our staff and the ' play' was a way to unite people for the cause", says Claudio Dantas, DXC's VP of HR for Latin America.

The friendly competition received entries from more than 200 DXC employees who will play Rocket League playoffs, a game chosen because it allows employees from all over Latin America to participate. The tournament will feature lectures and debates on accessibility, discussing existing technologies, necessary improvements, and difficulties that people with disabilities face in the use of technology. Matches will be played and managed through the e-sports platform Challengermode, backed by AbleGamers. Prizes for winners include Xbox Series S consoles, Xbox Game Pass service subscriptions, and a scholarship to AbleGamers Accessible Player Experience (APX) Certification, an accessible video game design technique created by AbleGamers.

“The space that companies like DXC are giving to the accessibility debate is very important. Almost 20% of Brazilians have some type of disability and, with the aging of the population, this number only tends to increase. That's why it's crucial to create accessible experiences with a focus on inclusion. Making developers aware of this need, in line with the dissemination of APX knowledge, is a big step towards this goal”, highlights Christian R. Bernauer, CEO of AbleGamers Brazil.

“Challengermode's mission is to make eSports truly accessible and we couldn't be happier to be the official partner of AbleGamers Brasil to make this tournament a reality. Our platform will allow thousands of DXC employees to participate and follow the dispute. We look forward to collaborating with DXC to raise awareness through competition,” comments Moacyr Amorosino, Senior Manager of Developer and Publisher Relations at Challengermode. “The fact is that the inclusion of PwDs makes us even more competitive because we have a greater diversity of people, thoughts, needs, and, consequently, better deliveries. We also hope to influence the technology market, and together, reduce barriers towards accessibility, diversity, and inclusion”, concludes Dantas.

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