Intel Collaborates With Diverse Artists

Intel Collaborates With Diverse Artists show 3 of the desk mats available for purchase

Intel collaborated with 20 diverse artists from around the globe to create the Artist Series gaming desk mat collection. The Artist Series: 12th Gen Collection is an opportunity to purchase a piece of one of the artists’ masterpieces on a desk mat. All proceeds will go to the AbleGamers Charity and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

20 amazing artists have shared their incredible talent. Together they have created the 12th Gen Desk mat Collection. Use the link to explore these artists’ stories and artwork. Purchase one of these fabulous gaming desk mats before their gone!

The mats feature artwork by artists like Florencia “Nemu” Namur.  Florencia is an artist based in Chile, Madkobra. She has always loved illustrating and traveling. She often draws upon memories from the places she visits. Madkobra, or Pedro Josue Carvajal, is a freelance artist with a love for visual arts. Madkobra is based in the Dominican Republic. He specializes in creating his own vision of different realities he explores. And Kota Nakatsubo (中坪宏太) an ukiyo-e artist from Japan. Because Nakatsubo takes his inspiration from dragons and Japanese tattoos it is heavily reflected in his art.

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