The Power of Play: Octarock Streams Everyday on Twitch

The Power of Play - The streamer Octarock wearing a parrot onesie


Octarock is a disabled streamer who has been streaming every single day for 4 years! Interviewed in 2021, he is now over 1500+ days in a row streamed! He will be the first to tell you that streaming every day isn’t for everyone, but for him, it’s a way to connect with his community. It’s also a platform to share his love for gaming, art, and his experiences as a player with disabilities. He lives in New Zealand and plays a variety of games that feature accessibility, positive themes, and great communities.

The main games you’ll see on Octarock playing on his channel are Genshin Impact On The Asian servers as a free to play player & Java Minecraft on a server known as Origin Realms. Octarock has been a great supporter of AbleGamers, and we want to highlight the positivity that he spreads daily.
He also has the most impressive collection of onesies we’ve ever seen.

Make sure to follow Octarock on Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok!

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